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UV Lamp Ballast
DC Power Supply UV Ballast
Universal Voltage 21-200W Ballast
High Power Ballast 240-800W
Timer UV Lamp Ballast
Integrated Design UV Ballast
Customized UV Lamp Ballast
Potted UV Ballast
Low Power ballast 4W-100W
UV Lamp
Straight Type UV Lamp
UV Air Sterilizer
UV Sensor

Product List

12V DC Power Supply UV Ballast for 4-8WPL15-180-10D12 | 12V DC Power Supply UV Ballast for 15WPL15-350-15D12 | 12V DC Power Supply UV Ballast for 10-17WPL15-425-18D12 | 24V DC UV Lamp Driver for 10-17WPL15-425-18D24 | 24V DC UV Lamp Driver for 4-8WPL15-180-10D24 | 12V DC UV Electronic BallastPH7-425-40D12 | 2x40W 425mA Potted UV Electronic BallastPH2-425-2/40U | 2x75W 800mA Potted UV Electronic BallastPH2-425-2/75U | 2x155W 800mA Potted UV Electronic BallastPL18-800-2/155 | 90W 425mA Potted UV Electronic Ballast from China ManufacturePL1-425-90 | 100W 800mA Potted UV Electronic Ballast from China ManufacturePL1-800-100 | China Best Quality 2x21W Universal Voltage UV Electronic BallastPH11-425-2/21U | China Best 75W 425mA UV Electronic BallastPH7-425-75U | 55-95W 800mA Ballast for UV LightPH7-800-95U | 105W Ultraviolet Ballast for Amalgam Vapour LampPH7-1200-105U | 155W China Good Quality UV Light BallastPH8-800-155 | 190W China Cheap Price UV Light BallastPH8-1200-190 | 150W UV Ballast Manufacture for UV LampPH8-1800-150 | 200W T6 UV Light Ballast for Amalgam UV LampPH8-2100-200 | 240W Bulb Driver for UV LampPH9-1800-240 | 320W Beasun Bulb Driver for UV LampPH9-2100-320 | 2x 320W UV Light BallastPH10-AL-2/320 | 400W 240V T8 Beasun UV StabilizerPH9-AL-400 | 500W T10 High Power Charmsstone UV Light BallastPH10-5500-500 | UV Lamp Ballast | Charmsstone UV Lamp Ballast | 800W T12 High Power UV Lamp Ballast | 800W UV BallastPH10-AL-800W | Combined Audio and Visual Alarming UV Ballast 10-40WPH5-425-40U | 10-17W UV Lamp Electronic Ballast with Integrated DesignPW3-425-18 | 10-40W UV Lamp Ballast with TimerPH51-425-40N | 48-95W UV Light Ballast with LED Digital DisplayPH51-800-95L | 4-20mA Good Quality UV Sensor for UV Water SterilizerUVM3A | 0-5V UV Intensity for UV Water DisinfectionUVM3B | 10W 4-pin single end UV LampGPH212T5L | 15W 4-pin single end UV Lamp with Ozone FreeGPH303T5L | 21W 4-pin single end UV Lamp with Ozone FreeGPH436T5L | 41W 4-pin single end UV Lamp with Good PriceGPH843T5L | 87W 4-pin single end High Output UV LampGHO36T5L | 155W 4-pin single end High Output UV LampGHO64T5L | 55W 4-pin single end High Output UVC LampGHO610T5L | 120W 4-pin single end High Output UVC LampGHO1148T5L | 25W 4-pin single end China Good Quality UVC LampGPH540T5L | 32W 4-pin single end China Good Quality UVC LampGPH692T5L | 800W 4-pin single end China Good Quality UVC LampGPHVA1520T10L | 320W 4-pin single end UVC LampGPHHA1554T6L | 24V DC UV Bulb Ballast for UVC LampPH7-425-40D24 | UV Bulb Ballast | UV lamp ballasts | DC UV Bulb Ballasts | UV Bulb Ballast Suppliers | Charmsstone UV BallastPH5-425-24C24 | 100W CE List UV Lamp Ballasts for Medical treatmentPH1-900-100U | 57W 1.8A China UV Lamp Ballasts ManufacturerPH7-1800-57U | 150W 1.5A China UV Lamp Ballasts ManufacturerPH8-1500-150 | 320W 2.1A China UV Lamp Ballasts ManufacturerPH9-2100-320 | 110V 320W 2.1A China UV Lamp Ballasts ManufacturerPH9-2100-320A | Wholesale 2x75W UV lamp Ballasts with UL listPH9-2100-320A | 2X75W UVC Lamp driver for replacementPH8-425-2/75U | 2X87W Bulb Driver for UV LampPH8-425-2/75U | 2X105W UV Stabilizer for UV LampPH8-1200-2/105U | 2X155W UV Light Ballast for UV LampPH8-800-2/155 | 620W China UV Light Ballast for Medium Voltage UV LampPS19-AL-620 | 800W UVC Ballast for Medium Voltage UV LampPS19-AL-800 | 1000W Middle Pressure UVC Lamp DriverPS19-AL-1000 | 36W UV Ballast for Water treatment IndustryPH11-425-36 | 55W Ballast for UV LampPH11-800-55 | 110V 18W Transformer for UV Lamp with LED IndicatorPH11-425-18 | 220V 6W Power Supply for UV LampPW3-180-10 | 220V 18W UV Lamp Power supplyPH12-425-18 | 220V 800W UV Lamp TransformersMBLP-1PH-A-800 | 110V 10W UV Lamp Circuit for USA MarketPH10-180-10A | 10W UV Lamp Starter for Water Purification MachinePH12-180-10 | 10W UV Lamp Starter for Water Purification MachinePH12-180-10 | 21-40W UV Ballast with Beeping FunctionPH52-425-40 | 21-40W Adapter for UV LightPH52-425-40A | 12V UV Germicid Lamp BallastPH15-425-18D12 | Preheat Start Ballast Transform for UV LampPH11-425-40 | Potted UV Filter Ballasts for 10-40W LampPL11-425-40 | 110V 18W UV Ballasts for SalePW15-425-18A | 18W UV Ballast SuppliersPW15-425-18 | UV-Tec T5 Electron Ballast for 4W UV LampPW15-180-10A | Electron Ballast for 6W UV LampPW15-180-10 | 10-40W Waterproof UV Ballasts for UV Water SterilizerPH5-425-40U | 8000W Customized UV Lamp BallastMPLB-3PH-A-8300 | UV Ballast 5KW for Medium Pressure LampMPLB-3PH-A-5400 | 1000W Intellig UV Lamp Electron BallastMPLB-3PH-A-1200 | 220V UV ballast for 2KWMPLB-3PH-A-2000 | 4000W Ballast Transform for Medium Pressure UV LampMPLB-3PH-A-4000 | 3000W UV Ballast for 3KW UV LampMPLB-3PH-A-3000 | 155W UVC Lamp Ballast for Fume Purification IndustryPL8-800-2/155 | 2x105W UV Lamp Electronic Ballast with Instant StartPL8-1200-2/05 | 2019 China Best UVC Ballast for 2x75WPL8-800-2/75 | 42W Fulham UV Electronic Ballast for SHS1-UVN-CPH11-425-2/21u | Portable UV LED lamp hand UV sterilizerFR-UV-P03 | UV Sterilizer Lamp for RoomFR-UV-T38 | UV Sterilizer Lamp for RoomFR-UV-H20 | Led Sterilizer UV Lamp to Prevent The Coronavirus(COVID-19)FR-UV-T38A | Moblie UVC Light Sterilizer for HospitalFR-UV-M60 | UV Air LED Sterilizer Lamp for Home/Car/Room DisinfectionFR-UV-C5 | UV Air Sterilizer LampFR-UV-B1000 | 38W Far UV Light Sterilizer for RoomFR-UV-T38HW | 38W UV Sterilizer LED LampFR-UV-T38HW | China Wholesale 6W UV Lamp for UV Water SterilizerLTC6T5 | 95W 2G11 H Type 254NM UV Germicidal Lamp For SaleLTC95W/2G11 | 7W H Type UV Sterilization Lamp with Excellent QualityLTC7W | 35W 2G11 H Type UV Disinfection Lamp for Air TreatmentLTC35WHO | 2G11 H Type 24W UV 254NM Lamp for Air TreatmentLTC24w/2G11 | 10W 185nm UV Lamp for Laboratory with OzoneGPH212T5VH | 38W 185nm UV Mercury Lamp for Air PurifierGPH793T5VH | 14W Industrial UV Lamp for Water treatmentGPH287T5L | 150W UV Amalgam Lamp for Water TreatmentGPHVA1000T6L | 127W UV Light Lamp for SaleGPHVA1000T5L | 105W 254NM UV Germicidal Lamp with 4-pin Single EndGPHVA843T5L | 65W China Wholesale Agriculture UV LampGPHHA357T6L | China Manufacturer UVC Lamp with OzoneGPH1148T5VH | 80W China UV Lamps for SaleGHO36T5L | 9W H Type 254NM UV Lamp for Water TreatmentLTC9W/2G11 | 17W U Shape 185NM UV Ozone LampGU22-10T5VH | 38W Integration UV Lamp with Quartz SleeveGCL793T5L/Cell | 200W UV Mercury LampGPHHA1000T6L | 190W 254NM UV Germicidal Lamp with 4-pin Single EndGPHVA1554T5L | T5 4W UV Light Bulb for SaleLTC4W | 6W Small Power UV Ray LampLTC6W | 65W UV Lamp With Good PriceGPHHA357T6L | 471W T10 254NM UV Disinfection Lamp for UV SterilizerGPHHVA1554T10L | 57W UV Sterilization Lamp for Water TreatmentGPHVA357T6L | 240W 254NM UV Lamp for Killing BacteriaGPHVA1554T6L | 36W U Shape UV Lamp ManufacturesGU22-390T5L | 185NM 41W Integrated UV Ozone LampGCL36T5VH/Cell | 18W UV Lamp for UV Air PurifierGPH357T5L | 42W Amalgam UVC Lamp for Water TreatmentGPHA357T5L | 36W 185nm UV Lamp for Air PurifierLTC36W | 127W 254NM UV Germicidal Lamp with Good PriceGPHVA843T6L | 48W HO UV Bactericidal LampGHO436T5L | 240W Germicidal LampsGPHA1554T6L | 150W Amalgam UV LampGPHA1000T6L | 75W T5 UV Germicidal LampGHO36T5L | 32W Ultra Violet Lamp with UV LightGPH692T5L | 95W Ultraviolet Lamp with HO OutputGHO893T5L | 125W UV Lamp for Air PurifierGPHA843T6L | 11W Medical UV Lamp for Hospital11W |


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